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New Pictures

New pictures will show up here bevor I put them further down according to their topics.
Most of those pictures here will then be available on istockphoto.com

Beach, dunes and coast

The North Sea; it is different from most of the sun and beach pictures. 

I take a lot of pictures in northern France, close to the belgium border and around a small town called Bray-Dunes.

Especially at low tide, there are lot of interesting and unusual scenes to discover.

Colors of wind

Beach and North Sea means wind all year long. Sometimes unpleasant, sometimes refreshing, but always worth taking a picture

Travel and Cities

Whenever I leave home, I take my camera with me. Wherever I need to go, I try to benefit from the new surroundings and to capture interesting details.

Where I live

German countryside! Doesn't sound very spectacular. At least not for Germans. However, taking my bike around Kleve (Cleve), and living here less than three years, I discover a lot of very nice places, which I will continuously update right here. 

Anything else

Not being a pro, I just try to picture the beauty of things the way I see it. There is never a planned set-up or special composition of things. Whatever makes me turn my head or pause for a moment, I try to capture this special occasion.

Thanks a lot

for taking your time and scrolling all the way down here. What you have seen, is of course just a compilation of pictures and not all.

I post regularly on Instagram (j.deppnerphotography; JDPy) and I would be grateful if you start to follow me there.

If you are insterested in using some of my picture commercially, they are on sale as stockphotos.

www.istock.com, www.shutterstock.com and www.eyeem.com are my preferred websites. Just search for my name and you should be able to find my pictures.

For any question, do not hesitate to email me, I try to get back as soon as possible.